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My Manchester Roofer are specialist contractors for Single Ply roofing in Manchester & the surrounding areas.

Single Ply roofing membranes are made of a synthetic plastic is ideal for a new construction or the upgrading of an existing flat roof or to increase their working life. The Flame Free application technology gives you ‘insurance friendly’ roofing solutions without compromising cost-efficiency of installation or aesthetic appeal as well as being ideal on complex building shapes or where drilling and mechanical fastening is inappropriate.Single ply roofing in Manchester is strong, flexible sheets composed predominately of synthetic polymers and are sealed at joints to form continuous waterproofing when combined with insulation and continuous support they form complete, durable roof systems.

Single Ply systems are resistant to weathering, chemical oxidation and UV radiation, requiring no additional surface protection unless used for access or are used in ‘protected membranes’ and Green Roof Systems.

Benefits of Single Ply Membranes

The application of polymer technology to roofing has unique advantages for the customer:

Rapid construction allowing early interior fit-out
Low capital cost and cost-in-use
Safe, flame-free construction using hot-air welding, adhesives and fasteners
High thermal performance using lightweight, thermally efficient rigid insulation

Cold bridging eliminated by use of thermal break fasteners
Effective control of air leakage to meet new energy efficiency regulations
Minimum roof zone depth to maximise design freedom
Easy repair, modification and refurbishment
Simple detailing to suit all situations
Interfaces to other construction elements
Various colour options with matching profiles for eaves, verges and parapets
Comprehensive Flat Roofing Single Ply Systems by Bristol Roof Company

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